The Institute for Backup Trauma

The Institute for Backup Trauma starring John Cleese nicely illustrates some of the basic problems we encounter.  And does so very, very well.   Although I haven’t seen a failure rate of tape backups as high as 50%.

There was just a short story in the newspaper about a woman who left her purse in a hospital washroom after changing the baby’s diaper.  Stolen from her purse was cash, digital camera and memory stick containing the only copies of photo’s of the first month of her baby.

One thought on “The Institute for Backup Trauma”

  1. FYI – Iron Mountain Digital has released a sequel to the original Institute for Backup Trauma campaign. John Cleese is Dr. Twain Weck at Some of the clips are also on You Tube (search on friendly advice).

    The Institute was funny, but some of the new videos are even better.


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