Sometimes the "Sizzle Factor" works

Dad always liked have something he called the bullsh*t factor.  In polite company it would be called the sizzle factor.  One example is he was a very early adopter of laser technology for doing perfectly flat T-bar ceilings in large buildings such as offices, shopping centres or schools.

Another was a huge stack of drywall outside an apartment complex which was right on the main drag called Franklin Avenue right next to downtown in Fort McMurray.  The pile of drywall was about 16′ high, three rows wide and sometimes eight stacks deep.  The stockpile lasted for two or three months long. 

The manufacturer had a kiln explosion in their plant in Edmonton so they lost half their production.  Dad told them that he didn’t need any drywall for a while and to defer their shipments to him for other customers.   When the sales rep came up a month later he saw the drywall stack and laughed.

But I digress from Access or even developer related issues.

See The Cool Cam from the Worse Then Failure web site.

What have you done that you felt was a sizzle feature with little substance?  Yet it was a hit with your users?

One person I know would always ask his clients about their corporate colours and ensure the background of the forms matched.  Of course this was in a configuration setting somewhere that each form read when the form was opened.

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