Additional information on undocumented SysCmd items

I received the following email and thought it was worth sharing.  Note the international interest in this topic.

Hello Tony,

First I thank you for my pleasure to read your blog.

Digging the undocumented SysCmd commands are always have fun. I have searched once before few years ago and the followed thread was very helpful for me.

Some unknown functions will be known by this.
About the rest, I made my research results public on my site.

Sorry, the site is in Japanese because I am a Japanese. I barely read English but the writing is still so difficult for me,
now you knew that? ;-P

Few commands are still be unknown for me. But if you want to know about the things that I know, please point to the syscmd number. I will try to explain in English about it.

One thing, SysCmd #14 is officially known by the Access 2003 VBA Help. See the bottom section of followed MSDN online help.

Thank you and Sayonara!

 // Yu Tang
  // Tokyo, Japan

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