I love SNAGIT by TechSmith

SNAGIT is an very easy to use screen capture tool.  My previous blog posting would’ve been impossible using a screen print function as the images only appear if you ran the cursor over the little error control widget.

SNAGIT has a video capture option which I then went through looking for exactly the shot I wanted.  And there it was so I saved the screen shot and created my blog entry.

But what makes SNAGIT so nice is that it only took me ten or twenty seconds to choose an appropriate option for what I wanted to do.   Then about five seconds going through the video capture to find the frame I wanted and then save it.  The whole process was very fast and very intuitive.

Almost everything else I’ve done has also been very intuitive.   I like software that works like that.  

So SNAGIT means I can do a much better job of explaining things to you the reader.

Disclaimer:  As a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional I was given a free license.  The understanding is that I will comment about the product.  Presumably anything negative to the corporation and anything positive to the world.  

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