I may be offline for several days

BadHardDrive My laptop hard drive started to fail on me several hours ago.  Bad blocks whenever I run IE.  It may take a day or two to get a new one and installed.   If I can’t do a complete system copy, which is likely, it’ll take another day to re-install all my software.

Fortuitously I’ve got a copy of my Access work on another system.   (I was testing an hour or two ago an interesting performance problem on a old, slow laptop of my using the MDB.  <smile>)   My last files backup was two days ago so the most I’ll lose is several days worth of emails and newsgroup downloads and postings.

2 thoughts on “I may be offline for several days”

  1. Have you tried clearing your cache? IE uses special system files that are rot13-encoded and it could be that the bad sector happens to be somewhere beyond the early pages of one of those files. If you clear the cache, perhaps the files will no longer be occupying bad sectors.

    And then before you quit for the day, run a SCAN with REPAIR on and restart your computer. If the bad sectors are fixable, that will do the trick.

    BTW, tomorrow I’m going to fix the second PC in one month that loses bootability because of something wrong in the boot sectors of the drives. Both clients thought the drive was hosed, but in both cases, it’s there and working, just in an unbootable state. It may be that there’s some new nasty floating around that’s doing this, but it’s often possible to quite easily recover from seemingly desparate sitatuations without having to reformat or get a new HDD.

    David W. Fenton

    David Fenton Associates


  2. No, this was not limited to IE. I tried to do a backup direct to DVD but was getting errors. Once I turned my laptop off I have since been unable to access that hard drive at all.

    But I’m up and running now.

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