Silly, silly HP printer driver software

Ok, so this is a bit of a rant.

On my slightly older laptop I turned it on so a family member could use it to print some airplane tickets.   Well, I didn’t have my latest printer installed on it so I copied the 300 or so Mb printer driver from my main laptop and started to install it.  Now the software is from HP and the printer is the 2605dn.

First problem is the driver software wants to extract itself into a temp folder under My Documents and Settings, etc but using 8.3 file naming convention.  I’m looking at this prompt and thinking to myself, “I’m an experienced person so I know what is going on.  But what about your parents or siblings?  They don’t have a clue what this means so they’re just going to click OK so why bother even displaying the folder prompt?”  That was a waste of a prompt

And HP, delete the temporary files when done installing the driver, ok?  Duhhh!!!

Now the good news is the printer driver did find the network attached laser printer so that was quite convenient.

But at the end the install software gave me a screen on which the only available option was to reboot. ARRGGGHHHH.  Let me make up my own mind when I’m going to restart.   I’m a big boy.  I know what’s happening.

Of course this all took way too long so I just let the afore mentioned family member use my main laptop to print the airline tickets.   Ah, well, at least that laptop will have the anti-virus and OS and office patches up to date as well as the printer driver.

2 thoughts on “Silly, silly HP printer driver software”

  1. This is a wonderful tool. However, something I don’t see in the documentation or anywhere else:
    What if you have half a dozen printers, and you’re using the same driver (e.g. either the universal driver or the printer specific driver).

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