"The real issue is that, like it or not, we’re at war on the Web"

I was baffled and rather irritated at the following quote:

“The real issue is that, like it or not, we’re at war on the Web,” said Thompson. “Criminals, both organized and opportunistic want our PCs and our money, and they’re attacking via the Web. It’s no longer like the old days when they wrote this stuff for fun.”

(The story is at Grisoft modifies its free AVG product after complaints which, if you’re not familiar with the AVG/Grisoft  screw up, you’ll need to read to understand my comments.)

The real issues are:

  1. AVG tried to hide their activities by disguising “the scans as coming from Internet Explorer 6 browsers”.  Supposedly this was done to fool malware.  Smells like an excuse to me. 
  2. What took AVG so long to modify their product?  Three days shy of a month.
          (The above story states “On Thursday, Webmasters around the world noticed unusual spikes in traffic” implying July 3rd. This problem has been around for a lot longer than one week.  The article AVG scanner blasts Internet with fake traffic is dated 2008 June 12th.)
  3. Didn’t anyone at AVG think about this? Even just a little?

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