The Laptop Drive of Shame

The Laptop Drive of Shame <chuckle> Fortunately I’ve never done that.

However twice I’ve left the power adapter home.  Well once at the motel room so no big deal.  But once I left it at home and went out of town. So I had to have it placed on the Greyhound.  <sigh>   I use a Virtual machine installed on a clients tower to work that day. 

I’ve been meaning to purchase a spare laptop power adapter or two but just haven’t gotten around to it.

One thought on “The Laptop Drive of Shame”

  1. Suffered the same problem many times, my solution was to force myself to always pack the cord first and tell myself off when I put the laptop in the bag first. Now I have a bag that has 4 pouches, glasses, mouse, wireless connector and yes one for power cord. I pat these before I leave to check if I have these becuase without them, you are scrammbling not to look like a gooooooose.

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