is temporarily down


Since about 10 am MDT Tuesday the server has been unreachable.  We thought it was just the server which needed rebooting which happened at lunch time.   However this was not the cause.   We have no idea but it’s upstream of us   We’re very unhappy about this.

The upstream provider changed the static IP address on us on 2008 July 8th without any notification.  This required lots of no notice scrambling to change IP addresses within the DNS servers and IIS on our web server.   Fortunately this only took a few hours and within another few hours traffic was back to normal.

Update:  Now it appears to be an issue between the upstream provider and their upstream provider the provinces largest telco.   The bureaucracy involved just got larger by about two orders of magnitude. <sigh>

It also didn’t help that I was taking my dad to a doctors appointment and didn’t notice things for about four hours.


3 thoughts on “ is temporarily down”

  1. Hi Tony,

    Is your web site still down? You had a great article on setting up terminal server when using it with MS Access that I have shared with a number of people. I am trying to find it again. The URL was:

    I know working with some telco’s who provide a 24 hours response time (24 business hours which is 3 may be even 4 days in the telco world since they seem to only work half days.) is frustrating. We have had our unfortunate share of bizzard issues with them as well.

    Hope things get going soon.



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