Minor milestone

According to my Google Groups profile I have a little more than 35,000 newsgroup postings.  Now they’re not all Access related of course.   But then I have some postings to the comp.databases.ms-access newsgroup under an older email accounts, ttoews@agt.net, so close enough.   (Google groups has some severe problems with postings from back then as they are missing many/most/almost all although the count is likely correct.)

Even at that I was asking and answering questions in the Access Echo (similar to newsgroups) on my Fidonet BBS (Bulletin Board System) before then even.  I first electronically met Larry Linson, fellow Access MVP, in 1993 or 1994 or so on Fidonet.  We finally met as MVPs at Redmond a few years back.

Moral:  I need a life.  <smile>

I should mention that other MVPs do have considerably more postings than I do.  For example John Vinson is incredible.   Over a thousand postings some months.  And he’s quite the punster.

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