Still using VBscroll or Freewheel?

The problem is that the mouse scroll wheel doesn’t work in the VBA editor in Access 2003 and older.  VBScroll and Freewheel are the free third party solutions to this problem.   Note that this is fixed in Access 2007.   

MS now has a DLL fix for this problem.   See Mouse wheel events do not work in the Visual Basic 6.0 IDE

Now if you read the last paragraph you see how Intellipoint version 4.9 and later do not support the WM_MOUSEWHEEL Windows message.   I suspect the reason for this deprecation is that, with the exception of the above update in VBA for Office 2007, there has been no work done on the VBA IDE by Microsoft for quite a number of years.   Likely Access 2000.  

There are lots of “minor” things I’d like to see in the VBA IDE to make my life easier.  A few things that I can think off right now are:

- being able to collapse or expand code in loops, If or Select statements
- being able to select only events with code behind them in the drop down boxes at the top.  Those are quite useless right now as they show you all controls with all possible events.
- if I rename, delete or copy a control ask me if I’d like to rename, delete or copy the VBA code associated with that control.  

I should really make a page on what I’d like to see.  I’ll do that Real Soon Now.  (TM Jerry Pournelle, Byte)

Any more suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Still using VBscroll or Freewheel?”

  1. As I’ve never used VB.Net or C# could you expand on what you mean?

    Or do you mean replace the VBA IDE completely with the .Net IDE?

  2. I recently purchased a MS keyboard (Ergonomic 4000). It came with a CD with Intellitype Pro 6.2. Once installed the mouse wheel works in the IDE of Access 2003. I am using a MS Mouse (3000). IntellType Pro 6.1 did NOT allow the mouse wheel to work.


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