An update on Rick Fisher’s Find & Replace utility

I posted a blog entry on Rick Fisher’s Find & Replace tool that stated I couldn’t see any mention of Access 2003, in which his utility works very nicely, and Access 2007 support.  Turns out the beta copy of his tool does indeed have support for Access 2007.   I just couldn’t see it but then I didn’t go looking very hard either.  I’ve gently told him via email that he should update his website a bit.

Now what is interesting is that Microsoft has removed the ability to programmatically update macros in Access 2007.   This puzzles me especially given that the product group has significantly enhanced macros.   The Access team has gone to great lengths to ensure that macros can’t do anything malicious such as deleting files so I don’t quite see why.

Disclaimer.  I purchased a license for Rick Fisher’s Find & Replace tool likely about a decade ago.  I have no financial interest in blogging about his tool

3 thoughts on “An update on Rick Fisher’s Find & Replace utility”

  1. Hi Tony, just noticed this article, I’ve used Rick Fishers Find and Replace for as long as you and I’m wondering if Rick has perhaps retired. There doesn’t appear to have been any further work on the 2007 beta version – I have to admit I’d be lost without Ricks Find and Replace for earlier version of Access. Do you have any up to date info?

  2. Nothing new. We did exchange emails at the time of this blog posting so he was still active then. I do agree that his utility is great.

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