‘Tis The Season To Think About Backups

An excellent blog posting ‘Tis The Season To Think About Backups.  ” Just this week a close friend as well as a colleague here at Microsoft had their houses broken into and their PCs with all their photos and videos stolen.  Luckily they had done a proper backup. “

The author mentions Outlook and Outlook Express without stating that those files are found in the User Apps folder which is hidden away.   In Windows XP it’s found in C:\Documents and Settings\ttoews\Application Data while in Windows Vista it’s found in C:\Users\ttoews\Application Data.  (Or similar.)   These days many folks are using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and similar so that may not be of concern to you.   Unless, of course, they lose your email for you.

For genuine stories about lost data see the following blog postings Egyptian poet pleads for stolen works to be returned and Have you made a recent copy of your files and photos?

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