Who is reading your email?

E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress   What about your ISP or mail server hosting service?  Or even Google, Yahoo or Hotmail. 

For the record I’ve had discussions about privacy issues with employees of Microsoft.  Not only do I doubt corporations snoop through your email on a regular basis I’m sure access is tightly restricted and logged.  Therefore should an upset ex girl/boy friend/spouse/whatever start snooping around and you make a complaint then it’s very likely their employer can go through the logs and fire them.

But then who knows what happens if your at the periphery of an investigation because of your brother-in-law who you’ve never liked.  Yes, one of my job titles is paranoid pessimist.

Security experts state that you should think of email as a post card rather than a letter in an envelope.

I’d like to see greatly increased use of encryption in emails.   Look up security, encryption, digital signatures, digital IDs or S/MIME in your email software help system.   And you can get a personal certificate for free using Thawte’s Web of Trust.

While you’re at it see if you can use SSL authentication with your ISP or web hosting service as another security layer.   I use OpenVPN between my laptop and my web/email server.

One thought on “Who is reading your email?”

  1. Well Mr. Pessimist,
    You opened the door to a time consuming and likely complicated process — at least for those who choose to investigate and enhance their email security. Where do we find good instructions that follow the KISS principles?

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