Painless hard drive upgrade

Given the Access 2010 beta and the requirement for more Virtual PC sessions and such my 150 Gb hard drive in my laptop was getting too small.    So I purchased a 7200 RPM 500 Gb hard drive, downloaded Acronis True Image Home 11 and installed it. 

I have a $25 tool that has a hard drive power supply and a USB connector at one end and SATA and IDE connectors at the other end.    I hooked up the new hard drive to the tool and told True Image Home to clone the hard drive.   And I went to bed.

When I got up the screen told me the hard drive was successfully cloned.   It powered off the laptop.  I switched hard drives and now I have 323 Gb free.     Ahhhh, I feel much less constipated now.   So the tool worked quite painlessly.

Disclaimer:  As an MVP we get free software offers such as this one.  We are asked to write about our experiences.   I can assure you though that if I had something bad to say I would’ve typed it.  Indeed I once did find something that just didn’t make sense to me and I emailed Acronis appropriately.  

Also two weeks ago I upgraded the memory in my laptop to 2.5 Gb as well.   So I’m set for a bit.

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