A new version of the Auto FE Updater is available

A new version of the Auto FE Updater is available at my new, somewhat reorganized website http://www.autofeupdater.com/

Added FileExtension and FileExtensionSimple to the StartMethod.   This now means the utility can be used for ADP/ADEs or any other file extension really.  This method can be easier for the developer for testing purposes than AutoSelect if  the developer is using Access 2003 on their system and has Access 2007 installed as the AutoSelect starts the newest version of Access.  Thus causing the annoying wait while Access 2007 installs itself.

Added a debug checkbox to the developers form so you can see what the Auto FE Updater wants to do before you run the utility

Updated website showing the CreateShortCutOnPrograms and CreateShortCutOnCommonPrograms options which have been available for some considerable length of time but weren’t documented on the website.  Oops.

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