I’ll be darned.  I had no idea InStrRev existed in VBA code.  It is new in Access 2000 so it’s been around for nine years. 

I had to build this function myself in A2.0 or A97 to get the file name from a string which had the path and file.   The code needed to find the right most occurrence of “\” back slash.  I’ve been happily using my function ever since.  

I actually learned something new about Access this year.  <smile>

3 thoughts on “InStrRev”

  1. It was in A2000 VBA, but not at first in the JET list of VBA verbs, so it could not be called from a query. Then it was added to the JET list of VBA verbs, so it could be used in queries.

    But then it was not added to the JET Sandbox list of safe VBA verbs, so it could not be used in queries unless sandboxing was turned off. Then it was added the JET Sandbox list of safe VBA verbs.

    But then it wasn’t done right somehow, so it didn’t work in JET queries on a lot of PC’s, and JET/DAO was part of the operating system, so you had multiple versions, and silent security updates.

    Was it ever fixed right? How would you know, given that it was a strange installation problem on only some PC’s?

    For that reason, I reverted to using a User Defined Function instead of InStrRev.

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