Sun Java is scum ware

There might be a more widely used term than scum ware but this suffices for me.  Sun Java just asked to install an update and, among other screens, gave me the following:



If I had a choice I’d dump Java.

2 thoughts on “Sun Java is scum ware”

  1. I completely agree, Tony. It’s a sneaky way to install their intrusive toolbar into the browsers of the unwary and uninformed.

    Most naive people will probably click “Next” with no idea how it will impact their future browsing.

  2. It is unfortunate that it’s difficult to dump Java. Scum ware is an appropriate term. I’ve called that sort of thing AdCrap, others call it CrapWare. I dumped Foxit Reader for laying an installation AdCrap minefield. There’s something desperate and disgusting about it, especially when that box is checked by default. No doubt we’ll remember the bad taste this Java left.

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