Version 2.11 of the Auto FE Updater available for download

Version 2.11 * – 2010-02-16  to download the zip file . (267 kb, 11,327 lines of code)  Note that there is no setup or install required.    You unzip the file and do the drag and drop install on an appropriate folder on your file server. 

  • Update form bug fixes
  • Start Method = Preferred Version-97 now supported.  Thanks to Tina T for requesting this.
  • If user clicks on startmdb.exe ugly null command line message now replaced with list of configuration files and a run button.  Thanks to David W Fenton for mentioning his frustration with version 2.0 so I could come up with a better solution for everyone. 

* Leading zeros aren’t supported in the version number field of the project.  Thus a hotfix became version 2.1 rather than 2.001 as I expected.  This version is 2.11 rather than 2.01

Now I must be brutally honest about the update form bugs.   Once I’d been told about them they were stupidly obvious to find.  If I had done a better job of noticing that weirdness’s were happening these never would’ve snuck through.    

Update - fixed download URL

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