Auto FE Updater Version 2.15 – A whole new look on the main form

  The main form has been updated to use a toolbar rather than the old style command buttons.  If you have any problems please email me or phone me.  Details at the contact page.  You can download this version at this page.   If necessary you can download the previous version from the Version History page. 

This took a while to implement as various code modules wouldn’t work for me.  I also needed to find someone who could do the graphics for me.   I’m NOT an artist.

Auto FE Updater Main Form

2 thoughts on “Auto FE Updater Version 2.15 – A whole new look on the main form”

  1. Nice one Tony it looks good! I am sure this has probably been asked before, but is there any scope for the development cleaning up your distribution i.e. instead of copying down the files, to delete files? This ofcourse would be limited to only deleting files that had been copied down using your updater.

  2. Chris, Seems to me I owe you an email and keep forgetting to reply.

    Yes, that’s on my todo list. I plan on adding a great deal of functionality to the copying of files such as subfolders and multiple sets of files. At that time I will be adding the ability to delete “orphan” files.

    Now the problem is what happens if you the developer puts in a wrong folder name. Such as, oh say, My Documents. Now suddenly my utility will copy down the one file from My Documents and decide that the users 1,300 files in My Documents are orphaned and delete those. Not good.

    So I have to think about that problem a bit. Maybe put a limit of the number of files to be deleted. Or maybe log those files and ask permission from the developer to delete the “orphan” files so that next time the user runs the utility it will delete the “orphan” files.

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