You *CAN* install Access versions in whatever order you want

I see another posting stating that you MUST install multiple Access versions in chronological order.  That is Access 97, then 2000, 2003 and finally 2007.  This is WRONG< WRONG, WRONG.  I have very deliberately installed Access versions on my systems in a random non chronological sequence for the last six or eight years.   Random meaning I might’ve installed 2003, then 97, then 2007 then 2002 and finally 2000.  Or something like that.  Whatever.  

The only problem has been the Access 97  "There is no license" error message starting Microsoft Access problem.   Which happens if you don’t install Access 97 first.


Each version of Access should be installed into it’s own folder.

Do ensure that you don’t click too fast during the install process and remove the previous installed older versions of Access.

Errors using multiple versions of Access under Vista or Windows 7

Don’t worry about Jet 4.0 SP8 as if you are doing Windows Updates it has long been superseded by various security patches and is updated via operating system updates.

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