Auto FE Updater V3.14 – Enterprise Edition

The big update is to display out of date Access EXE or Jet, ACE, DAO or ADO DLLs in colour in the Enterprise Edition – Workstation EXE/DLL Versions screen.

A great big thank you to fellow Access MVP Albert Kallal who made the suggestion to use conditional formatting.  So vastly more useful with colour than a mind numbing series of digits.

Visit Downloads or in the Auto FE Updater click on Help >> Check for Updates.  If you are using the logging feature then don’t copy across the Auto FE Updater Log.MDB file or you will lose data. 

I have to figure out a better system of distributing that particular because people will copy across the entire set of files like they are used to doing in the past and wipe out the log file.   I’ll likely create that database file right in code so I don’t have to distribute it.  Next version.


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