USB cable tips

I found retractable cables for most of my electronic devices for $3 or $5 including shipping on eBay. So now I don’t have to drag along the meter long cables in the laptop bag. (That’s 3 feet for my metrically challenged American friends.) While I
found a connector for my 5 year old Palm I couldn’t find one for the proprietary end of my new Nikon compact camera! Shame on you Nikon for using a proprietary end with the standard USB micro connector likely would’ve worked.   Grrrr.

Of course I’ll probably still drag along my cables but I’ll put them in a Ziplock bag in my luggage.   It would really irritate me if one of those retractable cables went bad and I had to spend $20 or $30 on an overpriced retail cable.

You can also purchase adapters to go from one size to another for a few dollars.  I thought about those but then saw the retractable cables so decided to buy those instead.  For no particularly good reason.  

I put white finger nail polish on the "up" end of the black USB cable ends.   Frequently I have trouble seeing or feeling which end is “up”.  

Did you know that you can change the PCs date and time from VBA code?

I didn’t.  Until I read The Daily WTF article Trans-Atlantic Time Trap.    There’s a link leading to a 2004 thread on this topic Change System Date via VBA.  Glad to see that fellow Access MVP Truitt B got bored one Saturday   Note that one poster commented that if you used Date and Time as the names of fields in tables or controls on forms or reports you could have issues.

I tried just the following VBA code on my Windows 7 system and received a Permission Denied error message which is, in my opinion, quite reasonable.

date = #2012-01-01#

If I run Access as an administrator it does let me change the date.   (I very quickly changed it back.)

I then tried creating a control named Date on a form and then assigned it a string value. 

Date = “test”

I then got a Type MisMatch message.  Which makes sense once you realize what is happening.

Next I tried

me.Date = “text”

but this gave me an Invalid use of Me Keyword.   Which also makes sense too.   But very, very confusing to someone who doesn’t realize that these are reserved words.

Speaking of reserved words a friend was happily working on a timesheet system using a table called Union.  Which worked just fine for months until he had to create a union query using that table.

For the definitive list see Allen Browne’s Problem names and reserved words in Access.