OBA Composition Toolkit – Provisioning error in your custom components

OK, you've decided to use OBA Composition Toolkit v2 – but how to start?

First of all, you can download it with several documents. One of them is the Setup Guide, which describes the system requirements both of server and client side. If you follow these steps, and install the component samples (reference components) as well, you can start your OBA Composition Toolkit (OBACT) immediately.

Ok, this is pretty good, but what to do if you want to create your own components? Of course, you can do that as well, but be aware, because you have to pay attention to a few issues. At the first time, maybe you've got an error: your component cannot be provisioned. We've got this error several times with several type of components (BDC definition, VSTO addin, etc.): the provisioning status delayed in "Queued" status and cannot change to "Provisioned".

The main issue is behind the scenes, in the database. If you dip into the depth, you can find the main cause: the problem probably is that the FileSharePath column in the ComponentProvisioningJobInfo table is not getting set correctly when you submit a new component package using the Administration UI. For fixing it, you can open this table in the OBASERVERDB SQL database and manually specify the FileSharePath for the components that you are attempting to submit (these will be NULL in the table – resulting in the failure). Set the value to the location (full path) of your component ZIP package, and click the Resubmit for Provisioning link on the component information page in the Admin UI to retry the component provisioning.

Well, in the most cases this troubleshooting scenario works. But sometimes it's not enough. My final tip is to uninstall the reference component library, uninstall the OBACT, then install the Composition Toolkit again. Try to provision your component again – in my experiences, this reinstall resolve the provisioning problem in every cases.

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