Just after my presentation at SPBP Conference

Yes, it was today. In the middle of the SharePoint Best Practices Conference I had an opportunity to present about the mistery of the OBAs to my audience. First of all, let me say thank you to Mindsharp because of this huge opportunity!

Well, what is this conference like? Interesting. Colorful. Full with a lot of talented experts and presenters. I feel… how to say? I feel if I would at home in this community. I have friends around me. Although my native language is not the English, we speak the same language, we understand each other – because we're all the members of the SharePoint Community. And that's a really-rellay great thing!

So, you can ask: what about my presentation? I have to say the truth: I was a little nervous, because that was my very first presentation in English. Khhhmmmm… Yes… Everybody has to begin sometimes… The second thing, we have to be faced with a trouble last night: we've had a problem with the SSDS service, and we were able to fix it just a few hours before my session. But finally everything was working! Huhhhh!… (As you know, SSDS is private beta right now.)

After these difficulties I was talking about a lot of things: what is OBA? how you can play with several components? what is SSDS and how can be integrated to an OBA environment? what is OBA Composition Toolkit? how does it help your everyday work if you are a developer / architect / business analyst? what are the best practices to build your complex OBAs?

Oh, yes. Best practices. You should know, what I mean talking about best practices. What the organizers or the other SharePoint folks think about it.

Well, I think you should read Mark Schneider's post in which he explains his and the organizers' opinion.

Well, my OBA Best Practices are going to be published here soon: my slides, demos, codes, etc. Keep tuned!…

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