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Well, let's see the sessions I've attended on the SPBP Conference. You have to know that it was a really big and well-organized conference: with more than 350 participants (IT Pros, developers, CIOs, project managers, architects, information workers), 35 speakers with almost 80 sessions, and a lot of sponsors/exhibitors. The sessions was going in six rooms paralelly.

imageFirst of all, Keynote by Tom Rizzo. Well, Tom Rizzo is Tom Rizzo… Good presenter with a well-edited presentation to the current audience (IT Pros, developers, CIOs, project managers, architects, infoworkers – everybody who is interested in SharePoint Best Practices). Tom talked not just about the SharePoint in gerenal, but about the importance of Software+Services solutions as well as OBAs too. He mentioned a lot of recent developments (BDC Designer, Silverlight BluePrints, VSeWSS, Community Kit, Administrative Toolkit, Solution Accelerators, Infrastructure Update, Search Federation, GearUp, etc. etc. etc.), and finally here are his best practices:

  • Capacity Planning isn't a suggestion
  • Know thy users
  • Know thy data
  • Know thy developers
  • To Thine Own Self Be True
  • Scale Up or Our
  • SharePoint is an Enterprise Application – an Easy Enterprise Application
  • Support Boundaries Protect You and Us
  • Weeding and Pruning Makes a Beautiful Deployment
  • We all love code, but…

The next one was for me Bradley T. Smith's session: SharePoint as a SOA Platform. He was speaking about the SOA platform itself (what is the SOA), costs and benefits (why/when SOA is good for us and why/when not), and of coure regarding the SharePoint: how can a SharePoint Server realize the SOA Platform? In which terms can we say: SP is a SOA Platform out-of-the-box? In which term we cannot say that? It was a really-really interesting and useful session before my OBA presentation, I think Brad gave really good basics to my thoughts.

I could continue with a lot of really interesting presentations, because I participated a lot of them. Of course, on Thuesday I missed some of them because of mine, but I hope you can understand it 🙂

But to the end, on Wednesday there were two really-really interesting sessions. In the morning I was attending on "IT Pro Experts Panel" with Ben Curry, Bob Fox, Mike Watson, Daniel Webster and Tom Wisnowski. In the same time there were Developer Experts Panel (James Curry, Maurice Prather, Paul Schaeflein and Paul Stork) as well as IA/PM/CIO Experts Panel (Mark Ferraz, Bill English and Mark Schneider). Well, these Panels were really interesting, I've never seen any sessions like these before. Imagine a few experts and a lot of participants. The experts say: "Good luck trying to find a problem that this team can not fix. Bring your trickiest problems and let these top experts work with you on them." Wow! Unfortunately, on the IP Pro Experts Panel were not too many participants, but I think it was a really-really brave and great session! Congrat, guys!

My last session was Natalya Voskresenskaya's session: "Formula for Success" – Training your SharePoint Staff. This is a really interesting topic as I do this in my everyday work as well: "The SharePoint implementation can be very complex, involving many types of roles and responsibilities within an organization, it's critical that all groups involved are competent enough to take advantage of its functionality." Well, I think, this session was the best to the end, thanks Natalya!

By the way, there were a lot of speakers with a lot of great sessions as well: Paul Galvin, Spencer Harbar, Todd Bleeker, Eugene Rosenfeld – and the others, all speakers. Thank you guys, see you soon!

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