Linq4SP – RC1 is available to download!

image As you probably know, our developer team has been working on the LInq4SP in the last couple of months. Linq4SP is a readable-writable Linq provider to SharePoint (WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007), with a lot of interesting and useful features: support the handling of list items, documents, folders, content types, enumerations usable for choice columns, etc.

The Linq4SP RC1 is available to download now: you can play with it, try the features and abilities, and feel the power of this brand new developer extension.

Just download Linq4SP RC1 here. To start using it, copy the files to your WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007 server. The DLL file must be in the same folder as the Generator.

After starting the Generator, open your site collection and select the sites to be available in the Linq4SP context. After that you can select the lists and libraries to be used in your Linq4SP expressions, and finally generate the context.

As next step include the generated source file and the attached dll to your Visual Studio project and that’s it.


The documentation is under construction, but you can find a simple CHM help file in the ZIP package as well. Moreover, there is a sample site as well as test cases, that can help you in starting to use Linq4SP. I hope, you’ll find them useful.


After your playing with Linq4SP, I’d be very happy if you could send us your questions, opinions or any feedback.


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