Windows Phone 7 – Experiência para programadores (XV)

Foi disponibilizada esta semana a actualização à CTP das ferramentas de desenvolvimento para Windows Phone 7 que permite entre outras novidades utilizar o VS2010RTM.

Consuming WCF 4.0 REST Service in Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 – Jogging Application Part 2

Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh!

Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP – April Refresh – Download

Be careful when installing the Blend Windows Phone 7 Add-In

Code Samples for Windows Phone @msdn

Windows phone capabilities security model

Download DoodlePad – A fun, free drawing application for Windows Phone 7

WP7: New CTP and a quick tip (pelo Peter Foot)

Microsoft Expression Blend® Software Development Kit (SDK) Preview for Windows Phone

Microsoft Expression Blend® Add-in Preview for Windows® Phone (tenho de investigar a diferença para o anterior…)

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