Windows Phone 7 . Experiência para programadores (XIX)

You Already Are A Windows Phone 7 Programmer (onde é que já ouvi isto antes 🙂 )

Windows Phone 7 April CTP and TransitioningContentControl

Overview of Windows Phone 7 (Artigo interessante sobre o sistema operativo em si)

How to Overcome The MediaElement Limitation in Windows Phone 7 (ou como recorrer ao XNA para reproduzir mais do que um ficheiro de som em simultâneo)

Tutoriais de Blend

Notes from WP7 Tips and Tricks PDX Code Camp Talk

Sample: Windows Phone 7 Example Application with Landscape Layout

Silverlight TV 26: Exposing SOAP, OData, and JSON Endpoints for RIA Services

Windows Phone 7 Videos & Podcasts (directório)

Windows Phone 7 – London Tube Companion Application

WP7 App: Windows Media Center Remote (aplicação interessante para controlar um Windows Media Center)

How to Send Tile Toast and Raw Notifications to the Microsoft Push Notification Service to Windows Phone 7 (muito interessante)

FrogLog – Windows Phone 7 Game Demo

Porting Sparkles from Zune HD to Windows Phone 7

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