Windows Phone 7 – Experiência para programadores (XXI)

Creating your first MVVM silverlight application on windows phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Panorama & Pivot controls (já divulgado antes, atenção que não são controlos ‘oficiais’)

Launch a XNA application from Silverlight

Windows Phone 7 Data: Json WCF Data Service with IIS 7 Compression (vejam o resto do blog do Nick)

IGFinance – Infragistics Sample Application for Mobile Device (sim, da Infragisitcs)

Microsoft TechEd – Latest Windows Phone Videos (obrigado João!)

RSSR for Windows Phone 7

How to improve the Windows Phone 7 Licensing development experience?

Two small issues with Windows Phone 7 ApplicationBar buttons (and workaround)

Building games based on Silverlight and Expressions – Silverlight Game: Let’s get started, simply (ver também posts mais recentes)

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