Windows Phone 7: Experiência para programadores (XXII)

Aqui vai mais uma fornada de links pertinentes sobre o que se vai fazendo no domínio do desenvolvimento para Windows Phone 7:

Coding4Fun: Shuffleboard Game for WP7 (jogo)

New Video: Master/Detail in WinPhone 7 with oData

Strategies for dealing with Orientation Changes

Beware of the [ThreadStatic] attribute on Silverlight for Windows Phone 7

New Silverlight Video Tutorial: Use Silverlight to Develop your First Windows Phone 7 Series Application (sim, mais um)

Windows Phone 7 database

Windows Phone 7’s bus tracker app looks incredibly useful (exemplo de uma aplicação)

Grand piano (muito engraçado, SL + XNA)

Developing Occasionally Connected Applications for Windows Phone 7 (do TechEd)

Image Carousel e Flip Clock

Bytes by MSDN – Conversa com Brandon Watson and Tim Huckaby à volta do Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 App Development First Look (tutorial)

Why is my game not installed in the Windows Phone emulator?

What I Learned By Writing a WP7 App: Part 1 – Manipulations


“That’s a HUGE List!” – WP7 Jump List (controlo SL muito interessante)

Using WrapPanel and DockPanel in Windows Phone 7 With Blend

Formação sobre Expression Blend em 5 dias (não é específica para Windows Phone)

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