Windows Phone 7 – Experiência para programadores (XXVII)

Mais uma levada de links relacionados com o desenvolvimento para WP7:

Performance Optimization on Windows Phone 7

Developing for the Windows Phone 7 – Part 2: Debugging on the Phone

Windows Phone 7 Beta with Windows Live Messenger Connect

Connected Experiences: Silverlight to Win Phone 7

Introduction to the Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer

Dynamically Changing Resources in a ListBox using Binding and Converters

Smooth…Springy…Scrunchy – WP7 List behavior

Windows Phone 7 Google Reader App (GREAD) Work In Progress (ai se eu tivesse já um WP7…)

Using the Accent Color

Windows Phone 7 Tutorial – Creating a simple notes app with Silverlight

Building your Windows Phone 7 Series apps using Team Foundation Server 2010

Summary of Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements

A Clearable TextBox for Win Phone 7

Creating an Application Bar in Blend

Windows Phone 7 Multitasking

SOA Master Data Management in .NET 4.0 (OData)

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