Windows Phone 7 – Experiência para programadores (XXXI)

Mais uma fornada de links interessantes:

7 Steps to Get You Going on Windows Phone 7 Dev

adMob for Windows Phone 7 (‘monetizar’ as aplicações para além do marketplace)

PicFx – Windows Phone Picture Effects Application – Part 1

Using OData with Windows Phone 7 SDK Beta

Getting the Silverlight Toolkit Controls to work on WP7

Recording Audio in Windows Phone 7

Getting Started with Windows Phone 7 GPS and Location Services

Windows Phone 7 Resources (o nome diz tudo)

Looking ahead: Panorama and Pivot controls for Windows Phone developers (já a pensar na próxima release das tools)

Theme Resources for Windows Phone (não aconselhável a quem gosta de aplicar xunning nas suas aplicações)

Windows Phone 7 MVVM Template for Visual Studio

Getting Diagnostic Output from your Windows Phone programs

Windows Phone 7 Tutorials

Accelerometer Emulator Windows Phone 7 (video no YouTube + source)

Windows Phone 7 Development Tip: Discovering and Using Default Styles

Creating Image Round Button for WP7 (part 1)

Connecting to Websites with APIs in Windows Phone 7 (usando o Hammock REST)

Flickr.Net API Library (inclui suporte para WP7 e .NET CF!)

Miscellaneous Phone Tasks

Random Walks For Windows Phone 7

Quick tip : Compile & run Windows Phone 7 Foursquare App with a Bing Maps Key

“Intelligent” Image Caching for WP 7

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