Windows Phone 7 – Experiência para programadores (XXXIII)

Estaria a repetir-me a mim próprio se começasse este post com uma expressão do tipo’, ‘não param de aumentar os recursos para aqueles que procuram desenvolver para Windows Phone 7’. O número e diversidade de links falam por si.

Creating a RSS Reader for Windows Phone 7

How To Programmatically Dismiss the SIP (keyboard) in Silverlight applications for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Design Days – Applications (video)

Windows Phone Design Days – Blend

Design Resources for Windows Phone (na dúvida se já referi este link…)

Windows Phone 7 Beta: Go Back…. No I mean the other Back

Writing a windows phone 7 application with an Azure backend part 1&2

Windows Phone 7 Application Bar

Customizing WP7 Push Notification Tiles

Sound effect in a Silverlight Windows Phone 7 application

Operating with image files in a Windows Phone 7 application

WP7 – Disabling the Lock Screen (útil para prevenir que o equipamento entre em stand by)

Storing and playing media on Windows Phone 7

Virtualizing Data in Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Applications (performance matters!)

Connected Experiences: Silverlight to Windows Phone 7 Part Two

New Blend Features in Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 CTP Refresh to Beta Build Conversion

Creating Round Image Button for WP7 (part 3)

Perpetual Expression Blend Crashes

PhoneGap and Windows Phone 7 (write once, run on many places?)

WP7 Splash Screen Tips & Tricks

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