Windows Phone 7: Experiência para programadores, XXXVI

Sem grandes floreados, aqui vão mais uns links para referência sobre o tema do costume:

Why use Metro, WP7 Development

Creating List Picker for WP7

WCF and XNA on WP7 – Hack Free

Windows Phone 7 App Categories Finalized

Managing Trial Applications for Windows Phone 7

Learn How to Develop Windows Phone 7 apps in 12 Hours

A Really Long Post About the Windows Phone 7 Push Notification System

Fighting the Lock Screen in Windows Phone 7 by disabling IdleDetectionMode

Making your Content Scrollable

Azure Storage and WP7 (procurar post do Jonathan Tanner)

Windows Phone 7 ListBox Pagination with MVVMLight & ApplicationBar

Writing a windows phone 7 application with an Azure backend part 4 (Security)

Exploring Silverlight-XNA integration on Windows Phone 7

Building a Windows Phone 7 App – Sudoku (Parte 1, 2 & 3)

Calling JavaScript Functions in Windows Phone 7

Building a Windows Phone 7 control from the ground up – Part one – the “Infinite ListBox”

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