Windows Phone 7–Experiência para programadores, XXXVIII

No dia em que o Windows Phone 7 é oficialmente lançado, contando no arranque da sua comercialização com vários equipamentos da HTC, LG, Samsung e Dell, aqui vai mais uma resenha de links.

Página de Suporte oficial para Windows Phone 7

Another WP7 Navigation Approach with MVVM

How to: design a Windows Phone 7 listbox

World’s first profiler for Windows Phone 7

Profile your Windows Phone 7 Application for Free

Basic Windows Phone 7 Diagnostics

WP7 Orientation Based Scrolling

Inside Windows Phone#09:Ad SDK-for Windows Phone

#WP7 FluidListBox Control #wp7dev

#WP7 PickerBox Control Update (R2)


WP7 Tip: Setting the Panorama Page After Tombstoning

Windows Phone 7 RTM charting using the Silverlight Control Toolkit

New Windows Phone 7 / Silverlight Video Tutorial: How to make a Browser Application

Windows Phone 7 Error Handling, Reporting

Windows Phone 7 – Pivot Filtering with Caliburn.Micro

Designing Windows Phone 7 Applications

31 Days of Windows Phone 7
Day #1: Project Template
Day #2: Page Navigation
Day #3: The Back Button Paradigm
Day #4: Device Orientation
Day #5: System Theming
Day #6: Application Bar
Day #7: Launchers
Day #8: Choosers
Day #9: Debugger Tips
Day #10: Input Scope
Day #11: Accelerometer

Understanding Message Box on Windows Phone 7

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