Microsoft’s new password collector.

Sorry, did I say that out loud?

No, it’s not really a password collector.


What I’m talking about is a new tool from Microsoft that aims to tell you when a password is “Weak”, “Medium”, “Strong” or “Best”.

Try it for yourself – see that “This is my password.” is “BEST”, and “Cz!r4Tz” is “Weak”.

From that comparison, it’s obvious that this tool is only a guideline, and probably that’s all it can be – but you might want to try it on your users.  At the very least, many weak passwords will be shown to them as being weak.

2 Responses to Microsoft’s new password collector.

  • girishb says:

    But, Isn’t “This is my password.” a lot better password to remember and hard to crack from automated tools than Czlr4Tz? All my passwords are pass-phrases and they make it easy to remember and based on this a better password in many ways.

  • Alun Jones says:

    It’s certainly a lot easier to remember, and the last time I researched password cracking tools, none of them took the time to try “ .”
    But that’s relying on the cracking tools remaining in that state.
    Your pass-phrases should continue to add complexity and entropy that are not related to a reliance on the cracking tools simply not catching up to the world of pass-phrases.

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