Immigration idiocy

I’m struck by how many people are shown on the news spouting claptrap about immigration reform.

The biggest offence, in my opinion, is to stand there and say that illegal (or “undocumented”, if you prefer) immigrants are law-abiding, tax-paying residents.

Okay, number one… they are not law-abiding, or they would have abided with the law that says they should not enter the country without documentation.

Number two… if they are tax-paying, then they have compounded their law-breaking on entering the country by filing a false tax return.  How do I know it’s a false tax return?  Because, as undocumented immigrants, they have no social security number, and therefore must be filing with a fake SSN – either one that’s made up, or one that already belongs to another person.

Oh, hey, that there’s identity theft, too.  Imagine the mess you’d get in trying to sort out your social security if that happens to you – particularly if the social security lot give you a refund for overpayment, and then discovers later that they shouldn’t have.

So, next time you hear of a “law-abiding tax-paying undocumented immigrant”, think to yourself “engaging in identity theft, filing false tax returns, and continuing to evade detection and prosecution for a crime already committed”.

I spent a lot of time, effort and money that I could ill-afford to legally enter this country, even answering, without giggling, the many stupid questions on the immigration form (“Are you entering the country with the intent to overthrow or subvert the government?”, “Have you ever taken part in genocide?”)

I don’t ask you to agree with me (hey, if I sway your political opinions, does that mean I’m engaged in “subverting the government”?), but I do ask that you consider that while there are certainly some appalling abuses of human rights by employers of undocumented aliens, that does not necessarily make it right that anyone who evades the law for long enough should get a free pass into the country, nor does it mean that these individuals are “law-abiding”.

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