The most important national news item

Apparently, today, the most important news item around the country is that two guys accidentally crashed their vehicle into a building in New York two days ago, killing themselves, as well as setting the building on fire and causing a few injuries.

Normally, this would cause nothing more than a momentary pause in the overall news coverage, because people crash vehicles into buildings all the time (if you live on a street corner, you’ll know what I mean).

This story is so huge for the simple reason that the vehicle was flying, not driving. Nothing else. No greater damage, no massive loss of life, just the fact that a flying vehicle is apparently scarier by orders of magnitude than one that rolls around on the ground.

So, now the questions come… should we ban air traffic through New York City? [Why, would you call for the banning of ground traffic, if someone caused the same damage in a car?]

Personally, I think that if this incident means anything, it is that we should start pulling aside anyone in an airplane line that looks like they might play baseball, and search them.

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