Do security professionals need to lose weight?

I’m wondering this as I look around the general field of security professionals that I know – I’m a little on the chubby side myself, I know, but think of Jesper and Steve, they’re pretty skinny guys. On average, I’d say that security professionals are not necessarily guaranteed to be overweight.

So why is it that I spend a few minutes every day deleting spam “blog comments” from someone trying to advertise phentermine to my readers?

Spam offers no redeeming features, and only persists because people believe that it may possibly offer them a profit at the expense of causing millions of others to lose a little of the use of something they’ve paid for. Anywhere else, that’s called theft. Oh, and if there was an offence of “trespass against time”, that’d be good too.

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  • HiltonT says:

    Well, just before xmas I had a look down and decided that “now’s not the time for getting into shape, but straight after the holidays, well, then I’ll get serious”. I was going to start with a 30 minute of so walk in the morning, a 60 or so min walk at night, and then when my poor little legs could handle it, supplementing the morning walk with a bike ride, slowly extending this up to about an hour or so.

    And I was going to start getting the rubbish down the side of the house turned into some sort of ground covering – not grass, possibly daisies.

    I was going to do this on Monday 8 January – the first day back in the office after the holidays.

    Then life got in the way – – and things changed priority.

    Isn’t it always the way that when you finally make a decision to do something good for someone (be it yourself or someone else) that life up and knocks it on the head?

    And as for spammers, we should treat them like flies. I know that a lot of people have the “I should aim to kill 10 flies a day to make the world a better place in which to live” ethos. Maybe we should apply that to spammers as well?

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