Which is the most recent?

I’ve been trying to figure out why I can’t use the “Save as PDF or XPS” function from Word 2007, in the Office 2007 suite in Windows Vista. I assumed it was Vista’s fault, because my wife’s machine, running Windows XP, works fine.

First, the obvious rant – it’s really irritating that Adobe (makers of Acrobat, and the originators of the PDF document format) leaned on Microsoft to make them ship this as a separate download, when it should so clearly be a base part of the product, as was originally planned.

That leads to my second problem, and apparently the reason why I can’t save documents to PDF.

There are two versions of “Save as PDF or XPS” available from the Microsoft downloads site. I downloaded one version, but the other one is the version that works.

Here’s the details I have about the two versions:

  • Filenames: SaveAsPDFAndXPS, or SaveAsPDFAndXPS
  • Sizes: 712,568 or 956,344 bytes
  • Dates: 11/30/2006 or 11/8/2006
  • Version: 929120 or 1.0

So, which version is the most recent, the one that’s most likely to work?

Version numbers aren’t going to help me, because it’s clear that I’m trying to compare apples and oranges.

What about file sizes? Released versions are usually smaller than test versions, but then again a newer version could add a much-needed feature and thus be larger, so the sizes don’t give much help.

Dates would seem to be the answer – clearly, you’re not going to post an older version after a newer version has been released.

So, I’m getting the version that has the 11/30/2006 date. And there’s my problem.

Apparently, Microsoft chose to update the “Beta 2 Technical Refresh” version of this add-in after Office 2007 was released to manufacturing, after publishing the RTM version of the PDF to XPS. After they did this, I downloaded and installed the ‘latest’ version, only to find that it doesn’t work.

Anyone else who’s done this, here’s a couple of signs:

  1. Your “Programs and Features” listing (in Windows Vista – in Windows XP, it’s “Add/Remove Programs”) shows “Office 2007 Add-In – Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS (Beta)”
  2. When you hit “Publish” to save a file as PDF, you get a message reading “The Microsoft PDF and XPS export add-ins are not installed correctly. You can get the most recent components from Microsoft Office Online.”

You can fix this by uninstalling “Office 2007 Add-In – Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS (Beta)”, and installing in its place the correct “Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS Add-in for 2007 Microsoft Office programs“. You will be asked to validate with Genuine Windows Validation, to make sure you have a licenced copy of Office 2007.

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