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March 20, 2007

Just say anything…

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If there’s a message I heard repeatedly over the last week while I was at the MVP Summit, it’s this:

Blog more.

There were a number of people who said this to me, and I was reminded of the advice I gave to other people when they ask what to blog about, how often to blog, etc.

So, I’m going to take my own advice, and I’m going to offer it here:

  • Set a reminder to yourself to blog on a schedule. Use Outlook, or whatever calendar software you favour, to bring up a reminder on a repeating basis, that you need to use some time to blog.
  • Blog daily, weekly, every other day, hourly, whatever you have time for, and try to keep to a schedule that’s slightly more frequent than you think you should – that way, when you skip, it won’t matter so much.
  • If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything – but think really long and hard about whether you truly have nothing to say.
  • Bring up an old memory – a topic that you know well, a piece of global knowledge, even a universal truism that you think everyone already accepts. I can guarantee some of your readers haven’t ever read it.
  • Write keywords into your article – most new readers will hit your blog based on a web search or a recommendation from a friend. Recommendations will come from good content; searches come from good keywords. Creatively mis-spell some keywrods, so that bad typists discover your blog first.
  • Ask a question, to elicit comments – page views are one measure of a blog’s success, comments are another.
  • Keep an eye on the spam comments – remove them if they slip through, and remember, if you’re getting spammed to, that means you’re popular in someone’s eyes.
  • Keep it short, but don’t skimp on the information content. Provide a complete article, but don’t scare people away with length.

On that last note, of course, I should wind up this posting.

So, what advice would you offer bloggers who don’t know how to blog?

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