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April 26, 2007

Alternate Data Streams in Windows Vista

Windows NT 3.1 was released … oh, back in the early to mid ’90s. Ever since then, I’ve been aware that it supported Alternate Data Streams, also known as ADS, or in some technical documents that didn’t make it to final review, Alternative Data Streams. This was added, I think, to support Macintosh resource forks, […]

What do those dollar signs on shares do?

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Most Windows administrators have used “hidden shares” from time to time. “net use * \\computer\c$” gives you a share, if you have access, to the C: drive on the named computer. Occasionally, someone will suggest that hidden shares are a great security measure, allowing you to create shares that are inaccessible to anyone who doesn’t […]

April 19, 2007

April is Autism Awareness Month

And yet… so many people are completely unaware of what autism is. Maybe you’ve seen “Rain Man”, starring Dustin Hoffmann, the guy from Top Gun, and the girl from Hot Shots. Yeah, it’s like that, for some autistics. But in the time since autism was identified and described as a syndrome of its own, over […]

April 2, 2007

Don’t catch exceptions

A long time ago, the developer of a competing product to my own WFTPD Pro decided that he was going to do something about GPFs in his software. He released a new version, and declared that you would never see another GPF from his software. How did he achieve this? His entire main processing loop […]

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