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May 20, 2007

Can’t I trust the Postal Service? Part 1 – the crypto.

The Security MVPs have a private mailing list on which we gather to share expertise or our interesting findings – the following was raised by an MVP, and very much interested me, on a number of levels: The US Postal Service has a web service (as well as a physical method) for signing up to […]

May 14, 2007

I’m still not that into Apple

Apple Updater showed me two new software updates the other day – “Quicktime” and “iTunes + QuickTime”. Now, remember, I never installed iTunes, and went out of my way to install only QuickTime. I use QuickTime about once every six months, when there’s a movie I just have to see, and it’s only available in QuickTime […]

May 7, 2007

Corporate Fund-Raising: Training Users to be Vulnerable

Filed under: General Security,What my wife knows @ 9:34 pm

Subtitle: How often do you train your users? On three separate occasions in the last month, I’ve been stirred from my revery at work by an inbound email that didn’t come from my colleagues. This isn’t normal – the only emails I get at work are generally from the people with whom and for whom I […]

May 6, 2007

"Vista Ready Upgrade" does not mean ReadyBoost-compatible

Filed under: Miscellany - not security,Windows Vista @ 10:29 pm

I bought two SD Cards today, each of which are 2GB in size (and each with a warning on the back that this means 2*10^6, not 2*2^30, bytes). One of them is to go into my wife’s pink camera, the other is to go into my laptop, as a ReadyBoost drive (aka spare memory). Now, […]

May 1, 2007

NULL DACL Behaviour in Windows Vista

Filed under: General Security,TechEd,Windows Vista @ 9:45 pm

  Subtitled: Don’t believe everything you hear at TechEd. I was inspired by my “empty DACL” issue, and what I remembered of Jesper’s “Is That Application Really Secure?” talk from last June’s Microsoft Tech-Ed conference, to test whether my security issue was caused by a NULL or empty DACL. Jesper had said in his talk […]

Vista incompatibility isn’t always Vista

In fact, it is very rarely Vista, from the problems I’ve seen. Sure, there are some programs that rely on features and functionality that has been removed from Vista – but by and large, that functionality was already documented by Microsoft as being ‘deprecated’ or ‘obsolete’. [Some features documented as obsolete for a decade!] In […]

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