Public, Home and Work networks

Here I am at TechEd, and I want to connect back home.

No problem – I can use a VPN, because I have one set up on my server back at home.

[Perhaps that’s not normal, but I’m a geek]

Now I want to browse my home network, partly because I want to see what’s on my Media Centre back at home.

Here’s what I get:

So, I want to turn on Network Discovery and File Sharing, yes?


Although all of the traffic I initiate to my home network, and all of the traffic it sends back to me, is encrypted, the key to remember about turning on Network Discovery is that it not only allows you to browse other servers at home, to discover them, but it also allows you to browse other servers on the local network, and does not give you a way to distinguish between them.

So, if I browse looking for servers at home, I may accidentally locate someone’s laptop down the hall from me, which happens to be running a server OS, or simply sharing out its files.

I think, though, that it would be handy to be able to turn on network discovery and file sharing over the VPN connection, rather than for all connections at the same time.

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