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June 15, 2007

Context menus not working in Vista?

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commandprompt I spent a while the other day trying to figure this one out.

Under “Start”, I have a ‘pinned’ Command Prompt item.

I can’t get a context menu (aka “right-click menu”) to appear when I right-click on this Command Prompt.

I can right-click on the Command Prompt choices that appear if I search for Command, or navigate under Accessories, so I know that right-clicking is available in general.

The answer is a simple setting, as it so often is, and certain people should feel ashamed that they didn’t think of suggesting it.

Right-click the “Start Orb”startorb, select “Properties”, and then on the “Start menu” tab, next to the “Start menu” radio button, click “Customize…”

Under “Customize Start Menu”, if you scroll down a page, you’ll see the setting “Enable context menus and dragging and dropping”. If this is unchecked, then the pinned items will not work with a right-click.


Which raises the question … why was I able to right-click (context menu) on the items in the start menu when this feature was unchecked? It really doesn’t seem a terribly useful feature if I can get around it by navigating through the “All Programs” option in order to get to the Command Prompt and load up the context menus that you’ve told me I can’t have.

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  1.   jamie — November 25, 2011 @ 4:14 pm    Reply

    If your right click crashes vista, then you can not right click at all. I had to go into my control panel,<Task Bar and Start Menu> <Smart Menu Tab> <Customise> Sroll down until you see Enable Context menus box.

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