Testing Live Writer Beta 2

Live Writer Beta 2 has new features, including:

Support for
real tables

[But where are the cell borders I asked for?]

This is the ribbon for autism.Support for pictures in Community Server (without having to load the Community Server Gallery plugin)

Plus the expected support for multiple languages, more help, more options and a speling cheker.

This makes it substantially easier for me to write my blog entries offline – now all I need to do is find some time offline, as well as a few clip-art images to use.

[If you’re wondering why I’m happy to be offline, consider that it gets really slow to preview your work when you have to go online just to insert a graphic, and that it’s difficult to remain online if you’re on a bus.]

I have only been using Live Writer Beta 2 for a few minutes, and I can already say it feels quick and light, perfect for the way I blog. Time will tell if it eventually gets weighed down with too many features, online requirements and so on to be of any use.

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