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August 30, 2007

Let’s just wait for Service Pack 1

Every so often, I’ll hear it said, and frequently not in jest, “let’s wait until Service Pack 1 before we deploy Vista”, or sometimes “Server 2008”. While it’s true that Microsoft has indeed announced plans to test, and then release, Windows Vista SP1 early in 2008, I have to say that I don’t find this […]

August 29, 2007

Are you a ‘dual’?

Last month at Tech-Ed, I was discussing with someone from the Solution Accelerators team about how I wished that Microsoft would produce some administration documentation for developers, and/or developer documentation for administrators, so that the two groups would be able to talk the same language. [As a f’rinstance, back in the days of Windows 2000 […]

August 28, 2007

Windows Script 5.6 – making me less nervous.

Remember my posting  “How to make me nervous“, where I talked about Microsoft’s release of Windows Script 5.7, and their rather sudden removal of Windows Script 5.6 and before? My concern was that this removes our ability to fix broken script engines by merely applying a Windows Script version that we have tested, and forces […]

August 22, 2007

Larry Osterman isn’t that into you, either.

In previous articles, I’ve pointed out: Programmer Hubris – He’s just not that into you Programmer Hubris – I don’t run your software all the time Programmer Hubris Part 3 – Microsoft Knows I’m Not That Into Them I’m still not that into Apple All of these are on the basic theme that developers should […]

August 13, 2007

How to make me nervous

How to make Alun nervous in 3 easy steps: Release a new version of a tool that Alun uses throughout his home and work life. For bonus points, make it a back-port from a later version of the operating system. Back-port it to operating systems as far back as you can, since this is something you […]

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