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July 22, 2009

Would you behave differently in a shared office?

Filed under: General Security @ 12:09 am

How would you change your behaviour at work if you knew the person seated one desk over worked for a competitor? How would your behaviour change if you knew the person one cubicle over was about to work for a competitor? What if you knew that your cubicle neighbour was going to lose her job […]

July 14, 2009

How FTP Data Connections Work Part 2 (OR: Fun With Port 20)

As we mentioned in the 1st part of this series, FTP is a more complex protocol than many, using one control connection and one data connection. A recap of the first post… In typical Stream Mode operation, a new data connection is opened and closed for each data transfer, whether that’s an upload, a download, […]

July 12, 2009

Dreaming of the future…

Filed under: Miscellany - not security @ 6:41 pm

Here are some technologies I just can’t wait for: OLEDs: for room lighting – ambient light from ceiling-tile sized light panels [those of us that suffer migraines want an alternative to fluorescent lights, compact or otherwise] for either back-lighting of LCD screens, or for the screen itself – I didn’t know until after I bought […]

Nice support from Lenovo

I’ve been wanting to post this comment for some time, but never seemed to get around to it. I’ve been through a number of different laptops over the last decade or so – Compaq, Dell, Gateway, and Toshiba – and each time, I’ve found that they just don’t seem to last. I can’t point to […]

July 9, 2009

How FTP Data Connections Work Part 1 (OR: Don’t Open Port 20 in your Firewall!)

This will be the first of a couple of articles on FTP, as I’ve been asked to post this information in an easy-to-read format in a public place where it can be referred to. I think my expertise in developing and supporting WFTPD and WFTPD Pro allow me to be reliable on this topic. Oh, […]

July 4, 2009

Stupid Outlook 2007 RSS Feed Workaround

Filed under: Miscellany - not security @ 12:59 pm

I was starting to wonder why other people were getting news stories before me. Then I realised I just wasn’t getting news at all. Looking at my Unread RSS Feeds search folder in Outlook 2007, I noticed that I hadn’t received a single post since June 10th 2009. Coincidentally, this is when I installed a […]

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