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October 26, 2009

White House moves to Open Source

Filed under: General Security,Programmer Hubris @ 11:15 pm

Subtitle: Media posts uninformed rubbish as commentary From the MSNBC story “White House opens Web site coding to public”: "Security is fundamentally built into the development process because the community is made up of people from all across the world, and they look at the source code from the very start of the process until […]

October 25, 2009

Phishing at Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.

Filed under: General Security @ 2:24 pm

Recent password exposures at a number of online email services remind me to give a little advice on passwords. Definitely use this as a reminder to do something about your passwords – but don’t do the obvious thing. Don’t rush round and change all your passwords right away. Don’t change your passwords, change your password […]

October 22, 2009

Windows 7 – what it’s missing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be aware that today was the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system version, Windows 7. So, everyone else has their own ideas of what’s missing in Windows 7, here’s my list, and it’s not the same petty focus that everyone else seems to have. Mine is based […]

October 20, 2009

SAL-like code annotations for Java

Filed under: General Security,Programmer Hubris @ 10:44 pm

http://types.cs.washington.edu/jsr308/ seems to be talking about a set of type annotations for Java that are similar to those provided in Microsoft Visual C++ by SAL, the Standard Annotation Language. One thing that the Java annotations have going for them over the SAL is that these annotations are going to be a part of the Java […]

October 2, 2009

Google bans MVP

Filed under: Miscellany - not security @ 10:36 am

Google certainly sounds like it’s a nice place to work. Table football, free lunches, that whole “don’t be evil” mantra, and the requirement to spend 20% of your time on projects that aren’t specifically to do with any particular company goal (with the obvious intent that some of those projects will result in interesting discoveries […]

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